Assalamualaikum everybody! I'm Yuna Zarai, and I'm a singer songwriter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia currently residing in Los Angeles to work on my first US release album. I also run a clothing store in Subang Jaya, Malaysia called the IAMJETFUELshop.

Welcome to XYZ Stylebook. It's my little blog where I share my passion for fashion, and also charity.

I got inspired to do this project after I signed up for PayPal recently(Yes. I'm so 2000 and late!) because it's easier for me to purchase things online since I'm always working and I have little or no time at all to shop!

I was browsing through fashion blogs one day and I came across a charity website enabling people to donate online. I never tried this before as I've never had a credit card, and now that I do have one, and I have a PayPal account, I figured, why not? So the first time I've ever used my PayPal account properly, was to give some sadakat to the Somali kids. It's so easy! I was really excited when my payment got through and I got hooked! I became addicted to clicking that 'Donate' button knowing that my money will be used to save lives. I was more than confident that there must be someone out there who will enjoy this as much as I do... (other than my mom!)

So why fashion? Why charity? I love both, I wanted to find a way to merge the two together and create a positive website that would inspire youngsters to think creatively, and also be better people by helping save lives and the environment.  I also wanted a less serious environment to attract youngsters to the blog, and get them involved.  Since the fashion blog trend is growing, online shopping has become popular among the young fashionistas, more people are spending money online. If I could help channel that with this blog and get people to click on one of the links I provided, that would be awesome.

Feel like saving the dolphins today? Or maybe adopt a tiger? Hey what about saving the Malaysian rainforest? Help out a cancer foundation? Maybe help your brothers and sisters enjoy nutritious “iftar” meals during Ramadan by supporting the distribution of food parcels? There's a lot of charity websites that you could support and if you came here by accident, let me make you an 'accidental' donor. :) And if you feel like you want to share with us a charity website or fundraiser (could be something you're passionate about, or something that you're involved with), please do not hesitate to email my team at yunaroomrecords@gmail.com and we will try our best to help you get the word out!

At the Follow Me 'Follow Love' Yuna BFF series fragrance launch and charity event in KL, Malaysia

Sponsors are welcomed
Interested in advertising? You have a company and would like to support our cause? Please email yunaroomrecords@gmail.com for further discussions.

So there you go! Thank you so much for dropping by! And remember all you fashionistas if you want to buy a handbag from ASOS, don't forget to save the world too!

Yuna Zarai